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CCR Liberty

The CCR Liberty is designed as a fault-tolerant system. It will keep working even if one of the control units fails and both handsets are teared away.

A diver, using trimix, will know the pO2 even if all O2 sensors are damaged. The CCR Liberty has a second way to measure pO2 indirectly using the helium concentration sensors.

The breathing resistance of CCR Liberty is extremely low. According to measurements performed at a depth of 100 m, breathing work is 1.58 J/l, which places the CCR Liberty among the world’s best.

The CCR Liberty is the first rebreather in the world that is certified according to EN 14143:2013 without any exceptions or exclusions.


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The Freedom dive computer meet most demanding requierements of best technical divers. The bright full color TFT display is perfectly legible, even in poor visibility conditions. The maximum operational depth is 1000 ft.

The highly resistant aluminum body is hard-coat finished. A protective silicone rubber sleeve is included for further protection in a harsh environment.

The Freedom does give you the ability to adjust any of the settings in order to suit your specific requirements.

Six versions are available, from Advanced bottom timer to Closed Circuit.


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Analyzer He/O2

The Divesoft Analyzer He/O2 is an accurate precision apparatus for measuring the oxygen, nitrogen and helium concentration in diving breathing mixtures. It is a necessary assistant for technical divers who use nitrox and trimix mixtures.

The content of helium is measured using the speed of sound. This method is developed and patented by Divesoft. There is no need for helium sensor regular replacement.

Units can be bought standalone or in a set with the flow limiter, power adapter and utilities in a watertight PELI case.


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